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Reservation Form

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    Rental Fee - $50.00

    The fellowship hall will not be reserved for events for non-citizens or non-attendees until receiving the required deposit. The remaining fees are due in full 7 days prior to the event. Unpaid fees will result in the forfeiture of the reservation. In the case of cancellation of a non-citizen or non-attendee, the return of the fellowship hall reservation fee is at the discretion of the church administration.


    I have read the rules regarding the use of the Sunnybrook Fellowship Hall above and will adhere to them. I understand the fees and deposits required for my reservation and that the return of my deposit is at the discretion of the church administration and my adherence to the above policies. I also understand that I am responsible for any and all replacement or repair costs beyond the amount of the deposit for any damage incurred to Sunnybrook property. Sunnybrook Church of the Brethren is not responsible for any accidents, injuries, illnesses, electrical and/or equipment failure that might occur during your event. By submitting the request for reservation of the Sunnybrook fellowship hall, you release Sunnybrook Church of the Brethren from any such claims.


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     PLEASE NOTE:  YOUR NOT FINISHED!  You must submit the required fees to the Sunnybrook Church Administration once your application has been approved (if applicable).  You should receive an email within 3 days for approval/disapproval.  Upon confirmation of approval, the required deposit is due immediately.  Your reservation will not be confirmed until the required deposit has been collected.