Sunday Worship Service
  • 104 Corpus Christi Drive
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  • Sunnybrook Church

Sunday Worship Service

This will give you a pretty good idea of the format that we follow for our Sunday Services.  Please understand while we have a format, we let God lead us in our worship services so they will likely be different than the below in some form or fashion.  We want you to know what will happen so you will feel comfortable and relaxed.  Take a look and if you have any questions, contact us.  We would love to hear from you!

Sunday School

Our Sunday Morning Services start with Sunday School which begins at 10 am.  We have classes for all ages including adults, youth, and children.  The topics range from books of the Bible, to topical studies such as love, mercy, forgiveness etc.  Many people bring breakfast or snacks and enjoy those during the classes.  Feel free to visit the Fellowship Hall where drinks and coffee are provided.

After Sunday School, we move directly into our worship services.

Worship Service

At Sunnybrook, our worship services are pretty laid back.  Don’t worry about someone calling you out or embarrassing you because you are new or a visitor.  We just don’t do that.  We start with some some contemporary praise music from our Praise Band you might have heard on the radio.  and WE PRAY!  We take up an offering, but don’t feel pressured to give anything.  After the praise and worship time, then our Pastor will come up to give a message.  The messages range from a variety of topics and books.  Jump over to our sermons page where you can hear some messages that have been recorded in the previous weeks.  We end with an invitation and closing song from our Praise Band.  Lastly, we have some announcements for the week.  If you are a visitor, please stick around because we would love to meet you.  We also have a small gift for you as well.