Small Groups

Small Groups

At Sunnybrook, we believe that family is very important.  Just like you may have a close knit family at home or work, we believe the church family is one of the most important.

Some Details:

Small groups  give people the opportunity to experience different studies with other believers in a personal setting that will cultivate meaningful relationships within the congregation.

  1. Small groups will always be changing and growing (not in number of people, but number of groups).
  2. Groups will last 6-8 weeks.This allows people to experience different groups.
      • It also allows for close and personal relationships to grow throughout the flock no matter how big the congregation.
      • We may have a small group specifically for non-believers lead by a believer.
      • Group studies can be a series, book, videos, movies, books of the Bible, social issues etc. A few examples include:
        • Devotions
        • Cornerstone (Sunnybrook Citizen Training)
        • Andy Griffith
        • Movie Night
        • Lifetree Small group studies with videos
        • Books of the Bible (Ephesians, Revelation)

How Small Groups Operate:

  1. The way a small group session will operate:
    • Start by each person contributing to the discussion or topic at hand for that week.
    • Let the discussion flow
    • Allow everyone a few minutes to talk about the week they have had. This is a time for the person to seek counsel from the group and to give any requests for prayer
    • After everyone has had a turn, close the group out in prayer.
    • This should be a laid back, informal and comfortable atmosphere. No one has to speak if they wish not to.
  2. The Leader of the Small Group
    •  The leader is merely a facilitator
    • This is not a Sunday school class, the leader does not need to prepare anything or be an expert on the topic.
    • The leader’s main responsibility is to ensure that everyone gets a turn to contribute and keep things on track.

46 They worshiped together at the Temple each day, met in homes for the Lord’s Supper, and shared their meals with great joy and generosity   Acts 2:46 NLT

Visit Sunnybrook on Wednesday Night to find out more about the current groups going on now!

Current Active Groups: